The OBLIQ Studio

Where It All Happens

At OBLIQ Studio , a Mumbai-based multidisciplinary design practice, we like straying away from well-trodden paths to craft memorable work across our core areas of expertise that straddle communication and graphic design, décor design and paintings.

Backed by passion and conviction, our aim is to go beyond and create deeply satisfying work for our clients, right from conception to execution.

Of Course, We Have A Mantra

  • Be simple.
  • Be communicative.
  • Be competitive.
  • Be attractive.
  • Be unconventional.

Décor Design

Inspiration Strikes Us Every where
We welcome spaces, be it commercial or residential. Whether it is done using wall graphics, concept wall installations or paintings, there is an unconventional design solution for anything.

We also offer an aesthetically pleasing and bespoke range of products. Each design, a statement piece, an elegant addition to any office or home


Art Is Life
Paintings add an individualistic touch to living spaces. The choice of painting reflects a certain philosophy, an attitude towards life. The space for these paintings can be as flexible as one’s imagination. This opens up a world of delightful opportunity as the paintings can grace wardrobe shutters, doors, partitions, glass table tops, accent tiles – basically – an open canvas for inspiration.

Communication & Graphic Design

The Science Of Being Impactful
It’s not only about the design, or the communication around it. There needs to be complete synergy between the two. That’s how the language of design is embraced across all levels. We believe clear and precise dialogue is key to the successful delivery of projects. That’s why before beginning any task, we understand the client’s expectations fully. Before starting any job, we first get the complete picture by studying the market, the competition, the category challenges and then chalk out the strategy for the way forward.