About Us

It’s diagonal. It’s not vertical. It’s not horizontal. It’s slanted. It’s angular. It’s different. It’s or. It’s more. It’s right. It’s not wrong. It’s what you want it to be. It’s about perceptions and desires, inspirations and aspirations.

Our Philosophy

Obliq is a creative ideas company. We are known as the ideawallas. We are here to give you creative solutions across various design disciplines. Developing corporate identity, packaging, advertising, home décor accessories and lighting for home, work and leisure spaces. We even design dividers and one-off accent pieces. Each item combines quality in design, manufacture and innovation to meet our exacting standards of practicality and sustainability.

Our Values

Obliq brings exciting fresh design to the market. With a range of truly priced products that have been ethically created by all concerned.


Deval Ambani

After graduating in Commercial arts from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai, I spent almost a decade in advertising. Working with reputed advertising agencies like FCB Ulka and Grey Worldwide, I grew from a Visualizer to a Creative Director, handling a plethora of brands along the way. Winning a few national and international awards.

Soon, I turned creative entrepreneur and started my own design shop, OBLIQ, with a vision and passion to create a brand name identified with making unique out of the box creations.

A designer and perfectionist at heart, I love working with colours, shapes, materials and forms to create unique designs. Problem-solution is our forte.