Residential & Commercial Décor

Design Speaks Volumes

Spaces, be it an office, or a home, a mall or a club, should reflect a certain personality and exude a positive aura that helps it connect with people. 

At Obliq, we have created unique designs for a wall installation, concept art, decorative light, sculptural light, floor installations, etc. Basically enhancing space using different forms, colours and materials – as per what the idea demands. A high level of customization is involved while creating designs for private residences, hotel lobbies, reception, staircases, atriums, restaurants, etc.

Obliq works together directly with the client, an interior designer or an architect to arrive at a concept depending on what adds value to the surrounding space. We understand that only by working in tandem it is possible to create a memorable experience.

Outmost care is given to the styling and finishing. A process that helps us offer our clients and art lovers bespoke art pieces.

Residential & Commercial Décor Primary Services/Products

  • Wall Graphics
  • Wall Installations
  • Floor Installations
  • Sculptural Lights
  • Decorative Lights
  • Concept Art
  • Personalised Art

Wall installation by Obliq

Walls that talk

Walls are an open canvas for inspiration to strike. And wall installations greatly help in transforming the space to express an artistic statement.

Obliq has a range of work you could use or commission an artwork.

From innovative wall graphics, personalized wall art, mirror art, to any form in 3D and in any colour palette everything can be created. In addition, Obliq also has conceptualized hand painted glass adornments for the wall.

The handmade aspect found in our work creates fresh designs that celebrate a unique appeal.

Floor Installation by Obliq

This piece of conceptual art acts as a sculpture, and can be enhanced with lights. You can create a designated space for it – a space that exists beyond utility, a space that adds a lot to your life.

Sculptural Light by Obliq

It’s not only about lighting up spaces; it’s about transforming those spaces when the ambient light falls on the sculptural light. Creating an ambience that’s dramatic, an ambience that you love. And yes, it’s a conversation starter.