Unique & Original Paintings-backup



Deval Ambani, the creative head at Obliq, is a dreamer, thinker and nature lover. She has developed a unique style of art through several years of material and media exploration. These pieces of fine art are therapeutic, impressing the visual and touch senses with myriad layers of transparent and opaque colours.

You can keep looking at these paintings and not get bored. You will find these paintings not only on canvas but also on laminate, tile and marble. Delight for the interior designers as they can translate her paintings onto a wardrobe shutter, doors, partitions, an accent tile in the powder bathroom and they can get as creative as they would like to be.

The inspiration for these fine art paintings is primarily from what she has seen around in nature, from her experiences, thoughts and ideas about life.

Browse through her range of paintings in the gallery and if you would be keen to accentuate your wall with any on them please do contact us. You can commission pieces that are already sold.



  • Nature
  • Flower
  • Trees
  • Forest
  • Botanical
  • Landscape
  • Abstract

Medium – Mixed media
Base – Canvas, Tile, Laminate, Marble
Size: As mentioned on each artwork and can be customized as per client requirements.