Unique & Original Paintings

Paintings add an individualistic touch to living spaces. The choice of painting reflects a certain philosophy, an attitude towards life.

Deval Ambani’s paintings are inspired by her dreams, thoughts and love for nature. Years of material and media exploration have helped her develop a unique style of art. An approach where myriad layers of transparent and opaque colours have resulted in works of art that is often described as highly sensorial and therapeutic to observe.

Art connoisseurs can discover something new about these paintings every time they look at them. And they don’t exist only on canvas – they can be seen also on laminates, tiles and marble. This opens up a world of delightful opportunity for interior designers as the paintings can grace wardrobe shutters, doors, partitions, accent tiles – basically – an open canvas for inspiration.

You can keep looking at these paintings and not get bored. You will find these paintings not only on canvas but also on laminates, tiles and marble. A delight for the interior designers as they can translate the paintings onto a wardrobe shutter, doors, partitions, an accent tile in the powder bathroom or let their imagination take it to a different level.

 Browse through the range of paintings in the gallery and if you would be keen to accentuate your wall with any on them please do contact us. You can also commission pieces that are already sold.

Details for our Paintings


  • Nature
  • Flower
  • Trees
  • Forest
  • Botanical
  • Landscape
  • Abstract

Medium – Mixed media
Base – Canvas, Tile, Laminate, Marble
Size: As mentioned on each artwork and can be customized as per client requirements.